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Alltrax Motor Controllers

If you need an Alltrax motor controller we offer competitive prices, excellent technical support and free programing.

Series or Regen?
Alltrax motor controllers are available for Series/Permanent Magnet (PM) DC motors or Regen/Shunt DC motors. This FAQ page explains the differences. The DCX, XCT and NCX series are the Regen controllers. The AXE, NPX, SPM are Series/PM controllers.

User-Programmable or Non-Programmable
Alltrax controllers come in user-programmable and non-user-programmable models. AXE, DCX, SPM & XCT are user programmable. NCX and NPX are non-user-programmable (although we can program them for you). Programming is done via a PC and the software is free for the AXE, SPM, DCX & XCT controllers. We can pre-program every controller to your vehicle specs before shipping.

Alltrax Wiring Diagrams & Technical Documents
Alltrax offers many wiring diagrams and technical documents to support their motor controllers for different vehicles like Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha and many others.

Alltrax Motor Controller Technical Documents
Programming Cables & Software

SR Series Motor Controllers XCT Shunt Wound Motor Controllers
Series -Permanent Magnet (SPM/SPB) Motor Controllers AXE Series Wound Motor Controllers
DCX Shunt Wound Motor Controllers NCX Non-programmable Shunt Motor Controllers
NPX Non-programmable Series Motor Controllers