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Most of these brands were designed in the USA & Canada. The Alltrax, DPI & QuickCharge are built in the USA and come with one & two year warranties.

Alltrax's Motor Controllers

Alltrax Motor Controllers

Shafted Motors

Motenergy Motors

Golf Cart Motors

Admiral Golf Cart Motors

Delta Q Battery Chargers

Delta-Q Battery Chargers

DPI Battery Chargers

DPI Battery Chargers

Main Contactors / Solenoids

Main Contactors / Solenoids

DC to DC Converters

Sevcon DC to DC Converters

Domino Twist Grip Throttle

Domino Twist Grip Throttle

Reversing Contactors / Solenoids

Reversing Contactors



We built our business with referrals from happy customers. Here are few of them.

Customer Electric Vehicle Conversion Projects

Award Winning EV Prototype Vehicle

Phil Chipman (Wind EV) has built a two person, three wheeled prototype vehicle that now has over 10,000 miles on it. It weights 400 lbs and runs on lithium iron phosphate 70 ah cells, using a Mars ME0709 and the Alltrax AXE 7234 series motor controller. Phil came in third overall in the California 2010 Energy Invitational "Greatest Projected Distance" Award. It went 27 miles on 14 cents of energy. That works out to about 570 mpg. He also won the 2012 UCI energy invitational race. Here is a link to more info on evalbum.com.

Customer Electric Vehicle Conversion Projects

6x6 Amphibian Electric Vehicle

"I thought you might like to see the finished product that I used one of your AXE 4845's and contactors in. 1972 Attex 6 wheel drive amphibious vehicle, now electric.. "

YouTube Video

Customer Electric Vehicle Conversion Projects

Beautiful Conversion '94 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

"Just wanted to pass on the build I did with the D&D series motor package I got from you. I couldn't be happier with the motor / controller package. I'm really excited to have it done, so I'm sharing my build with everyone who contributed in some way." - Noah S Podolefsky.

Link to builder's Website and evalbum #3519

Parts Used: Alltrax Controller AXE 7245, D&D Motor ES-15-6 (painted in black), LiFePO4 Batteries. 

See more of our Customers Projects

Customer Electric Vehicle Conversion Projects

Beautiful Wooden Boat Electric Conversion

"Just to let you know, I've finally had the wooden boat with me1004 installed in the river... goes really well... really really pleased... Thank you for all your help!" ~Neil Greenfield of United Kingdom~

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If you need a motor, controller, contactor/solenoid, battery charger, voltage reducer, battery cable or anything else electric for your golf cart or conversion project, you have found the right place. We focus on electric systems with a large inventory of in-stock items, like Alltrax motor controllers, Motenergy motors, Delta-Q battery chargers, contactors/solenoids; all at great prices! We supply golf cart parts, golf cart accessories, and parts for neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV's), ATV's, boats, motorcycles and electric tractors.

Deciding what parts you need can be difficult. We, the EV Drives team are happy to assist and help you understand your options. Being a family business, we personally process your orders, ensuring that it is packaged carefully and shipped quickly.

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