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  • Alltrax SPM, SPB, XRT & SRX Software

    Alltrax SPM, SPB, XRT & SRX Software

    SPM Settings XRT Settings Throttle Monitor
    SPM & SPB & XRT & SRX Alltrax Tool-Kit Software

    Saving A Log File With Alltrax SPM/XCT Controller Software

    Video On How To Save A Log File
    Features :
    • ED Status Indicator:
      The LED located on the front of the unit provides status of the units operation and
      used for troubleshooting.

      The LED Blink Codes occur at power up, the number of green blinks indicates the
      throttle configuration:
      • 1 Green LED flash = 0-5 kohm resistive
      • 2 Green LED flashes = 5K-0 ohm resisitive
      • 3 Green LED flashes = 0-5 Volt
      • 4 Green LED flashes = ITS Inductive E-Z-GO
      • 5 Green LED flashes = 0-1K ohm resistive, Yamaha
      • 6 Green LED flashes = 6-10.5 Volt, Taylor-Dunn
      • 7 Green LED flashes = 5k-0 ohms, 3-wire, ClubCar
      • 8 Green LED flashes = Reserved for future use
      • 9 Green LED flashes = PUMP Mode (toggle on-off ramp to 100% output)
      • 10 Green LED flashes = USB Comm-throttle (Coming soon)
      • 11 Green LED flashes = Absolute throttle (Coming soon)

      Normal display status:
      • Solid Green: Controller ready to run
      • Solid Yellow: Controller throttle is wide open, controller is supplying max
        output, and is not in current limit.

      Trouble Shooting:
      The SPM-SPB & XRT-SRX controllers ERROR codes are different than the AXE and DCX products.
      Please note the Error code display:# of GREEN and RED blinks indicates any error
      conditions that might exist:

      1-GRN (+) 1-RED LED flash = Short Circuit
      1-GRN (+) 2-RED LED flash = Battery Under Voltage
      1-GRN (+) 3-RED LED flash = Battery Over Voltage
      1-GRN (+) 4-RED LED flash = M- Over Temp (Check connections)
      1-GRN (+) 5-RED LED flash = Bus Bar Over Temp (Check connections)
      1-GRN (+) 6-RED LED flash = Pre-Charge Failure

      2-GRN (+) 1-RED LED flash = Under Temp
      2-GRN (+) 2-RED LED flash = Not Used (Reserved)
      2-GRN (+) 3-RED LED flash = High Throttle Over-range (note 1)
      2-GRN (+) 4-RED LED flash = High Throttle Under range (note 1)
      2-GRN (+) 5-RED LED flash = Low Throttle Over range (note 2)
      2-GRN (+) 6-RED LED flash = Low Throttle Under range (note 2)

      3-GRN (+) 1-RED LED flash = Uncalibrated throttle

      Note 1: High Throttle range is the "full pedal position".
      > The throttle could be faulty
      > Wiring / connectors
      > Incorrect throttle set in the program
      > Other wise, Clear throttle auto-calibration and try again.

      Note 2: Low Throttle range is the pedal "at rest OFF pedal position"
      > The throttle could be faulty
      > Wiring / connectors
      > Incorrect throttle set in the program
      > Other wise, Clear throttle auto-calibration and try again.

      Note 3: Uncalibrated throttle
      May occur when a SPM-SPB & XRT-SRX controller is auto-calibrated to one electric car throttle, then moved to another electric car - or a new throttle is replaced.
      > Clear throttle auto calibration and try again.

    For PC Users

    • Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10
  • Alltrax AXE & DCX Software

    Alltrax Controller Pro Software

    AXE & DCX ControllerPro.exe Build 39 for 2006 and newer
    USB Drivers for Win 7 Vista 32 &_64bits  
    USB Drivers for Win Vista 32 &_64bits  
    USB Drivers for Win 2000 &_XP  
    USB Drivers for Win 98  
    PDF Controller Programming Interface Drawing  
    PDF Controller Pro Instruction Manual  
    PDF Technical Note on how to upgrade the Alltrax AXE & DCX Controllers with RS232 Interface  

    HPD (ON-OFF)
    High Pedal Disable
    AXE and DCX Models Only - Prevent motor controller from providing power if throttle is applied prior to Key Switch Turned on
    AXE "P" models ONLY with A2 terminal lug. Provides Plug Braking proportional to throttle position reaching full "Plugging" (Dynamic Motor Braking) when throttle below 25%.
    TURBO (ON-OFF) Provides higher speed when not in current limit and throttle is at 100%
    AXE and DCX Models Only - Limits vehicle speed in reverse based on 50% of forward "Top Speed" setting.


    50-100% adjustment limits max current supplied to motor.  Used to limit power. (The 400A controller set to 50%=200Amp max)
    Sets the under-voltage where the unit limits power and eventually shuts off and prevents battery damage.
    Sets the over-voltage shutoff for the controller during excessive regen or overcharging to prevent damage.
    (1-15, Default 4)
    Determines the rate of controller output power based on an increasing throttle input.  Setting 1=slow, 15=Fast.
    (1-15 Default 4)
    Determines the rate of controller output power based on a decreasing throttle input. Setting 1=slow, 15=Fast
    AXE "P" Models - Adjusts the amount of Plug Brake Current as a percentage of 100A of brake current.
    DCX Models - Regeneration Feature is a percentage of possible current available.
    TOP SPEED Sets the top speed as a percentage of top-speed

    Features :
    • Converts a standard 9-pin serial port to USB
    • Complies with USB Specification v1.1(0) & USB CDC v1.1
    • Full Compliance with USB specification v1.1
    • Supports the RS 232 Serial interface (standard 9-pin serial)
    • Supports automatic handshake mode
    • USB full speed communication and Bus Powered
    • Single Cable USB to Serial communication 
    • Supports up to 1 Mbps data transfer rate
    • Supports Automatic handshake mode
    • 6 Ft. Length
    • Provides a 96 byte buffer for each upstream and downstream data transfer
    • Drivers and Manual on a CD
    • Easy Installation

    For PC Users

    • Windows® 95/98/98SE, 2000, ME, XP, Vista & 7
    • Available USB port

    Retail Package Content :

    • USB to serial adapter cable
    • Installation & Drivers on CD