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Golf Cart Cable Kits

Highly Flexible Cable & Crimped Lugs
Our golf cart cable kits are built with high quality fine strand copper welding cable, with synthetic rubber insulation rated to 600 volts. It's very flexible and is deal for golf car upgrades. We crimp with solid copper tinned lugs. The lug and wire during crimping become a solid piece of copper with excellent conductivity.

How Big Do Your Golf Cart Cables Need To Be?
All your big cables need to be the same size, your battery cables, to your motor controller and to your motor (regen type motors have two wires that can be smaller). Just upgrading your battery cables is not enough because your motor can pull more amps than your batteries do. Size your cables based on your motor controller amperage.

300 amp systems = 6 AWG cables
400 amp systems = 4 AWG cables
500-600 amp systems = 2 AWG cables
600+ amp systems (hunting buggies) - 1/0 AWG cables

Cable FAQ