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Customer Electric Vehicle Conversion Projects

It's very satisfying to see our customer's electric vehicle conversion projects come to life using the parts we provide. Our customers create an amazing variety of vehicles, from fast motorcycles, to souped up golf carts, to huge electric solar powered sailboats. It's great how many electric vehicle conversions are hitting the roads. So enjoy the pictures and stories below.

If you have a EV project that used some parts from us, we would love to share it here. Contact us with a picture and tell us about it.

"I recently bought the ME0708 kit with controller and contactor. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. The price was the best I’ve found after weeks of searching. Also, the diagrams you provide on your web site have helped a great deal. Thank you so much for providing quality products at affordable prices and the care and concern to help with their use. I can’t thank you enough." -Tim

Suzuki Motorcycle Electric Vehicle Conversion

Beautiful Conversion '94 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

"Just wanted to pass on the build I did with the D&D series motor package I got from you. I couldn't be happier with the motor / controller package. I'm really excited to have it done, so I'm sharing my build with everyone who contributed in some way." - Noah S Podolefsky.

Link to builder's Website and evalbum #3519

Parts Used: Alltrax Controller AXE 7245, D&D Motor ES-15-6 (painted in black), LiFePO4 Batteries.

Corvette Electric Golf Cart

Corvette Golf Cart

"I built the cart for my wife she said she wanted a Corvette but she never specified the size. She absolutely loves her golf cart and uses it almost every day (shopping, golfing, joy riding) we live in The Villages Florida a golf cart community."

Parts Used: D&D ES-81-25 motor, AXE4855 5k-0 48v controller, RS 232 programming cable, SOL-48v 400 amp solenoid, 3 amp Diode, 48v Pre-charge 470 ohm, 2AWG Complete cable kit, Beefed up F&R switch, DPI 48v charger and DC to DC Converter/Reducer.

Electric Powered Sailboat

Electric Sailboat Conversion

"A 15 ton concrete bilge keel ketch turned electric cruiser. Hopefully we'll have an electric boat that establishes a new benchmark for what you can do with a souped up golf cart motor and not just a big underpowered barge."


Green Motorcycle Conversion

Electra Green Motorcycle Conversion

"Hi Carl and EV DRIVES, I want to thank you good folks for helping me get the replacement motor for Electra Green. The Mars ME0709 motor is one powerful motor for its size. We are using Electra Green as a teaching tool to help keep our young people off drugs, gangs and to stay in school. I take Electra Green to schools and all kinds of events. Keep up the good work selling quality products!"

Golf Cart Motor Upgrade

Golf Cart Performance Upgrade

"We definitely like the ADVANCED motor better. It also has the look and feel of a much higher quality product. We're very pleased with its performance and all the parts we got from you. Thank You for all your hard work and great tech support!" - Robert Kennedy

Parts Used: Advanced EY7-4001 Motor, DCX 500 DCS Controller, MZJ-400 Solenoid, DPI 48V Battery Charger

Chipman EV Body

Award Winning EV Prototype Vehicle

Phil Chipman (Wind EV) has built a two person, three wheeled prototype vehicle that now has over 10,000 miles on it. It weights 400 lbs and runs on lithium iron phosphate 70 ah cells, using a Mars ME0709 and the Alltrax AXE 7234 series motor controller. Phil came in third overall in the California 2010 Energy Invitational "Greatest Projected Distance" Award. It went 27 miles on 14 cents of energy. That works out to about 570 mpg. He also won the 2012 UCI energy invitational race. Here is a link to more info on evalbum.com.

VW Converted To Electric

Converted VW to electric in Sweden.

"Thank you for really good parts, my car really works great."

Max speed 100km/h. Normal speed 70-80km/h. Range/charge 30-40km. Charge time 4-5h, Effekt 2kWh/10km, 6 batteries 140Ah

Parts Used: D&D motor ES-15-6, Alltrax controller AXE 7245, PB-6 Throttle, SW-200 contactor.

Classic Wooden Boat Electric Conversoin

Beautiful Wooden Boat Electric Conversion

"Just to let you know, I've finally had the wooden boat with me1004 installed in the river... goes really well... really really pleased... Thank you for all your help!" ~Neil Greenfield of United Kingdom~

Electric GPR

Electric GPR-s Motorcycle Commuter Bike

Electric_GPR-s is running the Alltrax AXE7234 300 amp controller with a Mars ME0709 motor and 20 -50AH LiFePO4 Battery, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Polymer.

Electric Attex 6

6x6 Amphibian Electric Vehicle

"I thought you might like to see the finished product that I used one of your AXE 4845's and contactors in. 1972 Attex 6 wheel drive amphibious vehicle, now electric.. "

YouTube Video

Blue Ridge Summit Electric Railroad

Blue Ridge Summit Electric Railroad

"Just wanted to let you know that I got this controller wired up with no problems. Everything worked great the first time. Locomotive ran super and the plug braking was impressive. Wanted to say thanks for all your help getting this together for me.

We started the railroad in 1990. It's an ongoing project. # 74 is a box cab type locomotive loosely based on the 1923 C&J 1000 locomotive. This is the locomotive that I installed the Alltrak controller. It has 4 axle mounted 20 amp motors with gearboxes. All the cars have air brakes with the compressor mounted in the locomotive. Uses 4- 6 volt golf cart batteries totaling 24 volts.. When we have guests who bring their trains we can run 6 trains at once."

Trailbike Electric Conversion

Lightweight Trail Bike Conversion

Here is a very nice electric motorcycle built by a friend. He started out with an older pump motor and just upgraded to the Mars ME0708 motor with an AXE4844 controller and the DC to DC for running the headlights. He built this motorcycle to run from home to work about 10 miles away and is running sealed lead-acid batteries. Very nicely built bike! I am happy to see it running after the motor change.

Electric Boat Race

High School Solar Electric Boat Race

Solar Cup Boat Race by high schools in Southern California; participated by 40+ schools and about 800 students.

"Here are a couple pictures of our team; one in the sprint race and one of the endurance race using solar panels to augment the batteries. Thanks again for your help." - Eugene, Solar Cup Coach

Parts Used: AXE4844 Controller, MZJ-200 24v Solenoid & Curtis PB-6 Throttle.

Electric GoCart Project

Electric GoCart Racer

"This is the my EV kart. It has twice the power and is running a perm-132 motor on 72 Volts. Its still not at its full potential since my batteries can only put out a max of 250A/5sec with a large drop in voltage. I want to see what the top speed can be and will post it later after a get a few different gear ratios. Maybe 60-80mph...."

YouTube Video

Electric Buddha Bike

Buddha Bike

One of the first electric motorcycle conversions in Angkor.

YouTube Video

Toyota Starlet Converions

Toyota Starlet Converion

Thomas in New Zeland converted his 1990 Toyota Starlet to electric with a D&D ES-15-6 Series motor and Alltrax SPM72500 controller that we sent him (along with some other electronics). He said the new motor and controller are a great improvement. Particularly the regen braking over the SepEx system he had before.


Electric Offroad Go-Kart

Electric Offroad Go-Kart

This neat project started life as a Arachnid by spidercarts, modified heavily to electric. It's powered by a ME0909 motor running on two 12 volt 100Ah lead acid golf cart batteries, and controlled with an Alltrax SPM-48300. They added a bunch of running gear from small quad bike parts. Lucky kids who get to ride this!

YouTube Videos

Electric Offroad Go-Kart

Electric Solar Farm Tractor

One of our customers did this fun project of converting a farm tractor to electric. He said the tractor has lots of power, but not a lot of range, which does not matter much on his small farm.

Some of the parts he got from us for this conversion are a D&D ES-84C-70 Motor, Alltrax DCX 500DCS controller, MZJ400 main contactor, a Curtis FP-6 foot pedal, cables and a DPI 48v battery charger.

YouTube Video


Sebring-Vanguard Electric CitiCar Rebuild

One of our customers recently completed a beautiful rebuild and upgrade of this Citicar. It now cruises at 36-40 mph and has a range of 40 miles. It weights 1380 lbs.

Some of the parts he got from us for this ugprade are an Alltrax SPM-72400 motor controller, Curtis PB-6 throttle, SW200 & SW202 contactors, Sevcon 72 to 12 Volt DC/DC converter, on-board charger, and cables. He is also using a D&D ES40-56 motor and Crown CR-165 8 volt Batteries

Elec Trak Forum Post With Pictures

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