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Delta-Q Battery Chargers
Delta-Q Battery Chargers
We stock a large number of Delta-Q battery chargers and offer free battery algorithm programming for each unit that goes out. Delta-Q offers a two year warranty.

Energy Efficient

Delta-Q battery chargers are high-frequency chargers. Compared to larger and heavier transformer style chargers that are only about 75% energy efficient, the Delta-Q chargers are around 90% energy efficient. So they save you electricity costs. And in some states like California it is becoming law that you use these new higher efficiency chargers.

Delta-Q Models
They have two basic models. The QuiQ line and the new IC650 line. Each of these comes in different configurations and voltages. Although the IC650 has slightly lower amperage than the QuiQ, it is about half the weight and is smaller. It is also easier to program and does not require a special programming unit. You do need to buy the AC and DC cables separately with the IC650. The original QuiQ yellow chargers underwent a redesign in 2011 and are now very reliable.

Delta-Q Technical Documents